All the gurus say, and I like to agree, happiness lies within us. In other words, by implementing small habits of joy and daily happy routines especially during lockdown I support myself in moments of sadness and frustration. Literally, there are so many small things that make our life easier and happier – and often we don’t even recognize them.

This time of self-isolation is a fantastic time to change old patterns. Especially now, that we are not too distracted by the outside world – actually, I almost feel forced to focus on my inside world by this epidemic. It’s like, now is the time to get to know our own feelings and emotions even better and develop a new relationship with ourselves and our needs.

I want to keep up my spirit and my good mood. I want to stay happy, motivated and positive.

Therefore, I created a list of things I enjoy and I am able to do during self-quarantine. Also, it was nice to make myself aware of which happy habits I can implement on a daily basis. This little exercise enabled my inner power to be in control of something, in control of my own happiness. Something, that had not much to do with the outside world or with other people. It is something, that I could be proud of and enjoy just for myself.

My Happy Quarantine Habits by Sina Landorff

In the first place, I focus on all the little things during quarantine that are making me happy very easily. Secondly, knowing all my happy habits makes it easier for me to do myself a favor by implementing happy habits daily. Last but not least, I create happy emotions that are contagious, which means I am good for my environment.


My Happy Habits List

  • Eating good food to stay healthy
  • Drinking 2l of water (minimum)
  • Laughing every day
  • Lunch break calls with friends & business partners
  • Going for a walk
  • Giving someone a compliment
  • Flowers on my desk
  • Calling my grandpa
  • Supporting someone emotionally
  • Naming three appreciations
  • Reading books from my reading list
  • Practicing Yoga
  • Daily meditation


My Monk List

Then I thought, but what helps me straight away when I feel a little down? Therefore I came up with my Monk List! Those are the things, that create a happy feeling immediately after I finished them:

  • A clean apartment
  • Putting things back in their old space
  • Bodycombat or Grit by Lesmilles
  • My wish visualization on youtube (in German)
  • Singing karaoke (very loudly)
  • Flossing my teeth
  • Giving my boyfriend a hug


My Stop Doing List

Also, I questioned if I want to implement all those Happy Habits during the day, will I have enough time for it? Then I created my Stop Doing List. I made myself aware of what I could trade-in. When I do less of things I dislike, I have more time and energy for all those things that make me happy even in times of corona.

  • Eating things my body dislikes such as red meat, dairy products, extra sugar, etc.
  • Waisting time on Social Media
  • Worrying
  • Complaining
  • Thinking about what I dislike


Wrap up

Please download this list:

Happy Quarantine Habits

free download – no strings attached. It is a gift from me to you.

I prepared this list for you to make yourself aware of your own cute daily habits that are making you happy. The best way is to place or hang the filled out list somewhere where you can see it. It is no big deal if you don’t fulfill every item of the list every day – I don’t make time for everything myself. But, it helps to know what makes us feel good. On bad days I can still check in with my Happy Habit List and see if there is something I can do to sweeten up my day – and if it is only flossing my teeth.

In short, by doing this list we focus on the positivity in our life and train our Emotional Intelligence at the same time. We are learning to understand ourselves and our daily needs that have to do with our happiness, which is the door-opener to access inner peace and love.