Everything begins with awareness when it comes to self-care, self-improvement, self-love. This five-minute read is about self-prioritization and how we can affect our daily life with cute habits to spoil ourselves just like our best friends do.

Let me start by putting you into a scenario of you preparing for a nice dinner for friends, or for the family or arranging a nice dinner date, where you want to cook for someone. Am I correct when I suggest that you probably will put a lot of effort into it? … At least a little bit, right?

Is it either you are looking up a cool recipe, buying high-quality products or even checking for decoration (flowers, candles, napkins – all that stuff). Those are super nice gestures and stand for CARING. Which is a good thing, absolutely. There is nothing wrong with being generous to our beloved ones.

But, why is the effort we are willing to give mostly enabled to spoil other people?

 Treat yourself like you would treat others.

Actually, the saying is vice versa, “Treat others like you want to be treated yourself“- but I think both sayings are at least equally important.

Please, let me explain what I mean.

I often catch myself that I am giving extra effort to others. But am I doing the research, go shopping, decorate and turn on a candle to prepare a nice dinner for only myself? Am I pulling the same stunt for myself? I had to be honest: I actually don’t. When I knew I was expecting a guest I did everything in my power to walk the extra mile. I did everything to create a wonderful experience for my guests.

It’s not just the nice dinner I prepared for others and when I am home alone I only ate toast or cereals. The same behavior I found in my housekeeping habits. When I knew I am having company over, in most cases, I was prepared. I ran through the house like a headless chicken picked up dirty underwear, activated the vacuum robot and fluffed up the pillows on the couch.

Isn’t it a human desire that we want others to see the best of us? Of course, we like to be liked.

But I was questioning myself:

  • Why do I do things for others so much more likely than I do for myself?
  • Why was I not running around the house like a headless chicken, picking up as best as I can, cleaning the dirty spots (maybe even before I leave the house) ONLY because I know I am coming back home later?
  • Why am I excusing myself all the time: I am too busy, too lazy, too tired.…

And then I stopped my own excuses!

I started doing what is good for myself more consciously. When I like my place clean – I pick up my stuff. (I even arranged a cleaner twice a month) I started to cook for myself healthily. Feel free to see the proof on my Insta channel @quickcookhealthy. It doesn’t matter how tired I am – if I would do it for others I do it for myself now than never. I literally started to treat myself like a celebrity. My conclusion is:

If I would do it for others I do it for myself with an even higher priority and with fun.